Spring Cleaning Your Boat

What winter looks like and how long it lasts might look different for you depending on where in the U.S. you live. Here in Florida at Crevalle headquarters, boating season never really ends but we still observe maintenance and cleaning schedules to keep our boats looking pristine. If you store your boat in a marina during the winter months, now is the time to start cleaning your boat and get back out on the water. Here’s how to give your boat a good spring cleaning to get it ready for the season!

Tools for cleaning your boat

Ideally, you should have a cover to protect your boat through the winter. This can make the process of cleaning your boat much easier. When you purchase your Crevalle hybrid boat, you can have the option to add a mooring cover or a mooring package custom-made for each of our models. You can also purchase a helm face cover for the 24 HCO, 26 HCO, and 26 HBW, as well as a weather enclosure for the 33 CSF.

Once you get the cover off, rinse your boat off with a “spot-free” rinse if possible. You can find spotless water rinses to purchase online. The purpose of this first rinse is to wash off the dirt, grime, and dust that built up over the winter. Otherwise, when you use a brush or sponge, all that debris can scratch the surface of your boat.

Speaking of brushes and sponges, it’s important to buy good quality equipment to protect your boat’s finish. Browse your local marina or look online to read about the correct brushes, sponges, cloths, hoses, and sprayers to use when cleaning your boat.  Also, check for environmentally-friendly products so you don’t get fined for polluting the marina water while cleaning your boat.


Consider a Crevalle mooring cover custom designed to fit your Crevalle - Image of a Crevalle boat with a Crevalle mooring cover

Work your way from the outside to the interior

Ready to get down to it? Let’s work through the following sections of your boat as needed:

  • Fiberglass Hull
  • Deck
  •  Engines
  • Upholstery

How to clean a fiberglass hull:

The most important thing to know about cleaning your boat’s hull is not to use muriatic acid, which should be left to professionals. For a DIY cleaning, here’s what to do:

  • Apply a base coat of paste wax, preferably two layers, once at the beginning of the season.
  • Apply a liquid carnauba wax once a month.
  • Wash the hull with a “wash n’ wax” boat soap after every outing.
  • Check for any waterline stains that are still visible. If so, add boat cleaner to those areas.
  • If your boat is in saltwater, you may find saltwater stains on the hull. Treat with a salt remover cleaning product.
  • Spot any barnacles on the bottom of the hull? Remove immediately before they multiply.

How to clean a non-skid deck:

A dirty non-skid deck is both unsightly and potentially dangerous. If grime builds up on the non-skid surface, it becomes less effective, which could lead to a fall or slip. Look for boat cleaning products specifically for non-skid decks.

How to clean your boat engine:

When cleaning your boat, don’t forget about the engine. Boat engines require regular maintenance inside and out. This usually means waxing the cowl and exterior, then washing both with soap and water. However, you should also schedule periodic deep cleanings with a professional trained to navigate the electrical wires and other complexities of an engine without causing damage.


Select the right quality equipment to protect your boat's finish - Close up of a Crevalle 26 bay boat

How to clean the upholstery

Crevalle hybrid boats come with plenty of extra seating for the whole family, so you want to keep them clean and in good condition for years of enjoyment to come. First, remove seat cushion covers and follow the cleaning instructions for washing. Also, clean the cushion itself and let it air out and dry completely.  Finally, clean out the live wells and coolers in your Crevalle and then you’re all set to get out on the water for your next family day trip or fishing adventure.

If you’re considering purchasing a 33 CSF, (Our 33-foot family-friendly boat) you have the option to add on our Upholstery Day Covers Package when choosing your boat accessories. The Upholster Day Covers covers the helm face, face forward console lounge and bow lounge U cover, and a leaning post upholstery cover.

Get More Crevalle Boat Owner’s Resources

A Crevalle is more than a boat–it’s a way of life. And your boat is a reflection of you. That’s why it’s important to ensure that you take proper care in preserving the beauty of your boat. For access to more owners’ resources, visit our Owner Resource page. Also, register your boat to keep up with the latest news and information from Crevalle. Have questions about cleaning your boat? Just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help!

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