6 Cool Boat Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed

Recreational boating brings people out onto the water to enjoy activities like fishing, water skiing, tubing, and simply cruising. In the United States, there are nearly 12 million recreational boats registered, and over 87 million people claim to participate in recreational boating.

The pandemic event last year drove boat ownership even higher as Americans struggled to social distance themselves and find recreational activities that limited exposure to crowds. According to the National Marine Manufacturers Association, over 115,000 powerboats were sold in May and June of last year.

6 Boat Accessories You Didn't Know You Needed - Image of a rod storage compartment on a Crevalle boat

If you’re spending more time on your boat or looking to buy a boat, you may want to consider upgrading with popular accessories. A first-class hybrid boat from Crevalle is designed to be both family-friendly and angler-driven. The Crevalle 26 HCO was created to be a 24 HCO with spectacular add-ons. A new boat may offer more room for your family and your fishing equipment, but there are also a number of cool boat accessories that you can add to create a more luxurious boating experience.

Here are six cool boat accessories that you didn’t know you needed.

All Crevalle boats come with a Simrad or Garmin Display with the option to add a second - Image of a Dual Console Simrad Display

Radar System

Don’t confuse radar with a GPS system. GPS is a standard feature, but Crevalle lets you add radar. Hands down the best tool for avoiding a collision, radar lets you see uncharted objects that are obscured due to darkness, haze, or precipitation. Radar allows you to see over the horizon and picks up objects that you can’t see with your eyes. With a radar system, you can effortlessly capture the coordinates of successful fishing vessels from afar. You won’t get caught in a rain squall again when you monitor rain trajectory from a distance with radar. Choose between Garmin or Simrad radar systems. All Crevalle 26 Bay boats have a Simrad or Garmin display and the option to add a second display.

Underwater Lights

Since underwater lights are not a required safety feature, you might not have considered adding them to your fishing boat. Underwater lights are not only aesthetically pleasing boat accessories, they also serve a couple of useful purposes. Adding underwater lights to your boat will set you apart from the pack in the evening and make your boat more visible on the water. Underwater lights don’t harm marine life and enhance the natural food source for small fish. This means you’ll attract more baitfish when you turn on your underwater lights at night. According to Larson Electronics, underwater lights can be installed using a through-hull model, a mounted puck model where only the wire goes through the hull, or a surface mount where the wire goes up the transom on the outside of the boat then into the boat above the waterline.


Family-friendly fishing boats tend to get more use than sparse, utilitarian fishing vessels. One way to guarantee that everyone in your family will enjoy their day on the water is to add a porta-potty. If you are considering upgrading to a new boat, keep this feature in mind. Porta potties don’t fit on every boat so you’ll want to find a model that can accommodate this feature. The Crevalle 24, 26, and 33 CSF boat models all have a spot in the center console to fit a removable trash can or porta-potty. Porta potties range in size from 2.5 – 5 gallons. This sanitary, self-contained boat accessory is a must-have add-on for making your day on the water more comfortable.

Coolers that you can easily stow away - Image of a cooler full of ice under an area that doubles as a seat

Weather Enclosure

Don’t let the cold air or light rain keep you off the water this year. Sometimes the best fishing happens in less than ideal weather. Weather enclosures can rescue your day from disaster when the weather changes. Weather enclosures are available for most all boat models, and the Crevalle 26 HBW 2020 models have a 3 piece glass enclosure that provides protection and plenty of airflow. Weather enclosures for the Crevalle 24 HCO & 26 HCO attach to the hardtop frame and are available for the second station only. The Crevalle 33 CSF features options for forward sunshade and aft Sureshade add-ons.

Strategically designed extra seating lets you easily go from fishing mode to family-mode - Image of the seats on the deck of a Crevalle center console bay boat

Extra Seating

With more people turning to boating for recreation, your fishing boat may start to serve as your family’s recreation boat as well. Unfortunately, most fishing boats aren’t equipped to hold a family of four or five. (Read more about what makes a good family boat) Because Crevalle is designed for fishing and families, our boats have plenty of additional convertible seating options available. With the Crevalle 26 Bay, you can easily convert your boat from family mode to fishing mode. Our bow cushions have storage underneath and can be removed when they’re not in use. Detachable backrests make the ride more comfortable and feature fishing rod storage underneath. The second station steering area allows you to climb up and feel like the king of the world while your family and friends sit beneath you. You can fit two people (500 lb weight capacity) up on the second station seating.

The best fishing boats have a dedicated sink area and cutting board accessory to keep the boat clean and organized - image of the sink area of a Crevalle bay boat

Cutting boards and sink area

Why settle for everything BUT the kitchen sink, when you can have it all? Crevalle’s 26-foot boats have a sink area built-in with small cutting boards and a “vegetable sprayer” should you need to quickly rinse anything off. The best fishing boats have a dedicated sink area and cutting board accessory to keep the boat clean and organized. When it comes time to clean your fresh catch, you’ll be happy you invested in new fishing boat accessories.

Storage space for your safety essentials - Image of a person putting a life jacket in a storage area on the side of a boat

Hybrid boat accessories for everyone

Investing in a new boat is a big decision. Make sure it has all of the capabilities to meet your lifestyle needs. With the appropriate planning and add-ons, center console fishing boats can double as both functional fishing boats and comfortable family cruisers. Customize your Crevalle online and add your favorite boat accessories or find a boat dealer near you. Come see our boats up close on September 10, 2021 at The Progressive Insurance Tampa Boat Show or contact us to take a factory tour. You can explore our boat models from the comfort of your home with our virtual walkthroughs on our Youtube channel. For the best family-friendly fishing boats on the water, anglers trust Crevalle.


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