How to optimize your boating experience this Fourth of July

Fourth of July on your brand new Crevalle

We the people.. love a good time! It is gonna be a hot one so dip your toes in the water from your brand new Crevalle. Sit back and relax while enjoying the day boating and showing off your patriotic pride this Fourth on the water.

Here are 4 ways to enjoy your experience boating this Fourth of July.

1. Picking the right beach, lake or river is essential. Remember the Fourth of July can get very busy on the water, do your research before you go out. To garner the best waterfront view of the fireworks, jump onboard your boat. Many residential homes, as well as businesses put on great firework displays across many beaches, lakes and rivers throughout the U.S.

2. Don’t forget to decorate! Check your local newspaper or Facebook pages to see if there are any boat parades, where you can show off your boat and join in the fun. Some decorations you may want to sport are American flags, streamers, garland, banners, balloons, all red, white, and blue of course. Make sure all these decorations are securely tied down to ensure they don’t fly away. Did you know Crevalle now has the option to offer you a custom American Flag hardtop on all 24 foot and 26 foot boats? See image below, and blow away the crowd with your patriotism. Check our local dealers to find your perfect Crevalle today.

3. Arrive early to ensure the best spot possible. It is a busy day on the water, and everyone wants a prime location. Beat the crowds and anchor down early in your hybrid boat.

4. Snacks are a must! Red, white, and blue are the colors for the day. Fun colored foods are just another way to show your patriotic spirit. Pull them out after you anchor down and wait for the firework show to begin. Pro tip- Keep all your snacks fresh with one of the two built in coolers available on your Crevalle, located in the back of your boat.


This Fourth of July we want everyone to be safe. Take a look at these safety tips and make sure you are your crew are taking the right measures to stay safe.


Safety Tips:

  • Make sure your boat is in well working order before loading passengers, and make sure you are filled up with gas because it’s gonna be a long and fun night.
  • Check capacity and do not overload your boat past the maximum passenger limit.
  • Designate a licensed boat driver, one who is willing to stay sober. Drinking can be a highlight of your trip this fourth, but making sure everyone gets home safe is definitely a top priority.
  • Keep your boat well away from the firework barge, and any other local boaters in the water. Drive at slow speeds when leaving after the fireworks finale and use extreme caution, as other boaters may not be paying attention.
  • Be sure to keep your furry friends at home, as dogs can often get frightened from the noise and run away. This is the best way to ensure all four legged friends are well protected.
  • Use a kill switch to prevent any unwanted boat runaway scenarios.
  • Leave your personal fireworks at home, lighting fireworks from a boat is extremely unsafe.

Don’t forget the essentials! Here is a customized pack list for your boat this holiday.

Fourth of July Safety Pack List-

  • Extra life jackets (Ensure all passengers have one that fits properly)
  • Sunscreen
  • First Aid Kit
  • Tools
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Bug Repellant
  • Flashlight

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