Why You Should Take A Boat Factory Tour

2020 saw record boat sales amidst the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and inventory levels are still about 20%-60% below normal. With Americans spending more time outdoors, enjoying outside recreational activities and socializing outdoors, it’s not surprising that interest in buying a boat has increased so much. On the other hand, the primary place to see and learn about new and existing boat models—the boat show—is unavailable until the pandemic recedes.

Luckily, you can still see boats up close and in person. It’s not uncommon to take a boat factory tour of a fishing boat manufacturing facility when a particular model or brand interests you.
Factory tours are an opportunity to see how the boat is made and how the craftsmanship comes together. It’s also an opportunity to meet the people who make your boat and ask them any questions you have. Request a factory tour at Crevalle Boats and keep reading to learn what to expect and how to turn your visit into a day or weekend trip.

A factory tour allows you to see the boat up-close and inspect the quality - Crevalle factory worker and prospective customer looking at boat material

What to expect when you tour our boat factory

Buying a boat is a big purchase. As with buying a car, you want to see it in person first to inspect the quality and make sure it’s right for you. Depending on your prior knowledge of and experience with boats, you may have a lot of questions or need help choosing the right model for your intended use. In the absence of boat shows, a boat factory tour is the best way to see the boats up close and in person so you know what you’re buying. Here’s what to look for:

  • Structurally Sound: Modern fiberglass boat hulls are made with major girders and frames to support the bottom of the boat and provide longitudinal rigidity. The unsupported spaces between supports are called panels. When assessing structural soundness, look at the strength and thickness of the panels to withstand force.
  • Quality Components and Craftsmanship: Look for modern, high-quality materials such as no wood construction, epoxy coating, composite, fiberglass, stainless steel, and resin. And you’ll get to see our craftsmanship in action during your boat factory tour. At Crevalle, we hire, train, and support builders who understand the importance of quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction.
  • Seaworthy: A seaworthy boat is one that can get you to and from your destination as well as withstand rough water. This means being able to steer straight, not roll too much in the trough, and run into waves without pounding.
  • Size and usage: In addition to ensuring your boat is built correctly from the beginning, a boat factory tour gives you the chance to check out our different boat models so you can find the perfect size and features for your purposes. All of our boats are designed for the serious fisherman and the family.

Understand the manufacturing process

One of the best benefits of touring our boat factory is getting to see and understand the manufacturing process in person.

  • See how your boat is made and all the quality parts that go into it.
  • Perform an in-depth examination of the boat engine, bilge, steering and throttle controls, electrical components, floors and siding, propeller, deck hardware, fuel tanks, batteries, rigging, hardware and sails, hull condition, propeller shaft, and upholstery.
  • Watch our CRIMP process in action. Crevalle Resin Infusion Manufacturing Process is a rare (in the boat manufacturing world) process of making fiberglass parts with a near-perfect ratio of fiberglass to resin in hybrid fishing boats. With the stringers and hull combined in one fiberglass component, you’ll enjoy a smoother and more solid ride with reduced noise and vibration.

When you take a factory tour, you know your boat is built correctly, right from the start.- Body of a Crevalle Boat

Explore Different Boat Models

Taking a boat factory tour and seeing the boat in person also gives you an opportunity to review other models and make sure you are buying the boat that is truly right for you. If you’re new to boating, you can learn more about the differences between a hull boat, a bay boat, and a sportfishing boat. Will a 24-foot boat be big enough or should you go for the 26-foot center console bay boat? What about a 33-foot family-friendly fishing boat?

Get answers to your questions

A factory tour is also a good opportunity to ask questions about the quality and functionality of our boats and the differences between models. For example:

  • What kinds of maintenance will my new boat need?
  • Will the model that suits my needs now also suit them in a few years?
  • Which model is best for the type of boating waters I’ll be using my boat in?
  • What does the boat warranty cover?
  • What are my options for customization and accessories? (See them in person, too!)

Turn your boat factory tour into a day or weekend trip

Depending on how far you’re traveling, you may not want to simply turn around and go home after the factory tour is over. Make your boat factory tour even more worthwhile by researching local attractions to see and do with your family. From our headquarters in Wildwood, FL, you can visit nearby attractions such as:

  • Disney World (~50-minute drive)
  • Busch Gardens (~1-hour drive)
  • Daytona (~1 hour 45 minutes)

Take the opportunity to ask the experts your questions about quality, capability, and features. Crevalle Boats Facotry worker inside the factory

Book your boat factory tour at Crevalle today!

Founded by a boat designer who saw the need to appeal to both fishermen and families, Crevalle is a small Florida boat manufacturer with family-business sensibilities. We won the Manufacturer’s Association of Florida Small Manufacturer of the Year in 2017, and continue to maintain the mentality and flexibility of a boutique boat builder. Schedule a boat factory tour at Crevalle and check out our virtual Crevalle factory tour in the meantime!

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